The Gallery Everarts provides you with several formulae allowing you to expose your works, that it is about canvases (oil, acrylic, watercolours, gouaches...) or of sculptures.

We propose to you:


Personal exhibitions in which you arrange during two weeks some exclusivity of lounges Apollon I and II (about 40 works of average size) and the totality of the shop window (about 6 works of average size)

  Exhibitions in which the space offered by lounges Apollon I and II is shared during two weeks between two, four, six or eight artists, each of them having a work in shop window
  To participate in our shows in which around thirty artists exposes in lounges Apollon I and II their hanging works during three or four weeks
  To benefit from our system ' storehouse - sale ' which allows you a permanent exhibition of several of your works in lounges Athéna or Artémis, and this during six to ten months









For more information about the various possibilities (conditions and dates of exhibition) offered by the Gallery Everarts, we thank you for contacting us in the



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