The Gallery Everarts has four lounges of exhibition distributed on two levels.

Lounge Apollon I


The lounge Apollon I is the one that the guests reach from their entrance to the Gallery.

It benefits from a lighting and from a luminosity which highlight the works which are exposed to it.




Lounge Apollon II

The lounge Apollon II, which is next to the lounge Apollon I, also while benefiting from a pleasant light, will seduce you by its intimacy



Lounge Athéna

The lounge Athéna will allow you to expose your open in any independence. Your friends will appreciate this room dedicated to the art.



Lounge Artémis

The lounge Artémis, which communicates directly with lounges Apollon I and II, offers you a personal and quiet space to meet there passionate persons under the glance of your creations




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